eye of the needle

The Story of: The Eye of The Needle

The "eye of the needle" mentioned in the Bible, was one of the many gates providing passage through Jerusalem's massive walls. The "Needle Gate" was used when the city's main gates were closed at night. It was designed for security so that enemies could not simply ride into the city. The gate was so small, that a rich man would have to unload his camel and then with great effort, lead his camel through –a slow & difficult process. Jesus likened the process to entering heaven: we must come to God stripped of all our importance –a seemingly impossible task until we realize with God, all things are possible.

City Gate Damacus Eye of the Needle Gate, Bethlehem,

Damascus Gate, Jerusalem.

One of several large gates into the City.

Needle gate, Bethlehem.

Normal gate was bricked-in so horsemen couldn't ride in.

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