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Saying "yes" to God
makes all the difference

As Christians we often feel inadequate about accepting new challenges yet God is able to use & improve us. There were ministries I did not want to do yet did them because in my heart I knew it was the right thing to do. I NEVER thought I would be able to do or enjoy the following yet the Lord has not only sustained me but brought great joy & satisfaction.

Big Brothers -at 21 I felt I didn't have much in common with youngsters yet I knew that there were fatherless boys who needed a male role model. God helped bridge the gap as I found myself swinging on ropes to building a winning science fair windtunnel -& a soapbox racer (I think ours came in last). Over 5 years I watched my little brother grow from an awkward youth into a confident young man.

Camp counsellor -again I felt little in common with children -yet I knew how God had turned my life around when I attended a Christian camp at the age of 16. To top it off God gave me the first Special Needs camper at Ontario Pioneer Camp. He was 17 but mentally aged 13. What do I do? What will be the reaction of the other campers? To my pleasant surprise he was the hit of the camp -and to this day I never met anyone with such pure innocence without an ounce of hate. I look forward to my 15th year counselling but sadly I am told I am too old to counsel.

Knocking on doors-To most it sounds uncomfortable -yet the growth of Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons proves it works. Team up with someone who's done it. This is a number's game. In 10 houses you might meet one Christian. Two homes will probably slam the door in your face despite telling them you are Christian and not one of the usual cults that come knocking. Three homes will simply say they are "not interested". The remaining homes are open to the Gospel they will either invite you in or stand on the doorstep for hours in the coldest weather. How rewarding it is to lead them to Christ.

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-I should be in prison -not because of the things I've done but what I might have done if God had not turned around my life. It is for this reason I feel a special compassion for reaching inmates. Without Christ, 80% of inmates will re-offend, yet those who come to know the Lord in prison almost NEVER return. Prison ministry is easier than you think. Those inmates who turn up for Bible Study do so because they want to turn their life around. Contact the Correctional Services Chaplain and you will be teamed up with a volunteer who will show you the ropes. Remember, you have a captive audience.

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-Psychic Fairs are springing up like toadstools -attractive yet deadly to those who partake. Why is this mission field ignored by the professing church? You will not find people more open or in need of the Gospel. The people attending are already searching. By standing outside & handing out a tract I wrote -I have been able prevent some people from partaking simply by giving them God's Word. Imagine our impact if 500 Christians showed up to protest these occult gatherings! This is our chance to make a stand against false prophets -to be like Josiah, and do what is right in the eyes of the Lord. (2 Chronicles 34)
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The Toronto Star has this classified section numbered accurately!
Neither they nor those reading the ads make the connection. Sad.

Letters-to-the-Editor -are you fed up with the Christian-bashing in your newspaper??? Write and let them know. I have had many letters printed in the Toronto Star (including Letter Of The Day) -they don't print all of them because people complain if the same writer appears too often. If we ARE living in the last days (the signs are all there) let's go ALL OUT for Jesus! God Bless in all your endeavours!

-James Knox
"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived
what God has prepared for those who love Him!" -1Cor. 2:9

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