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Letter Of The Day: PUBLISHED WED. FEB. 18, 1998 A19


James Knox, who has had prison Bible studies with
"the worse of the worst," says prison inmates can con anybody, even themselves, but they cannot con God.

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God's power is life-transforming

Letter writers Robert Haisman of North York and Donald W. Cofell of Sterling, Ont., respectively label death row Christianity as convenient and conducive (Feb 11). Is this such a wonder when inmates (especially those on death row) have much time to review their past and ponder their future? It is a shame that it often takes a life-threatening crisis in one's life before one gives thought to God or what The Bible has to say.
Those who are sceptical of Karla Faye Tucker's conversion obviously have never experienced first-hand the life-transforming power of God.
  Scriptures say: "If anyone is a Christian, he/she is a new creature" (2 Cor. 5:17). Those who have truly tasted God's goodness do not want to go back to their "old selves".
I have had prison Bible-studies face-to-face with the worst of the worst and seen God at work. Inmates can con chaplains, parole boards -they can even con themselves, but they can't
con God.
God knows our hearts and ultimately we must stand before Him. Capital punishment is God-endorsed and

when society places a value on innocent lives the way God does then our justice system will not be made a mockery.
If there is a lesson to be learned in The Bible, it is this: actions have consequences. Sin has a price. Everyone's God of "love and mercy" is also a God of justice.
Inmates must be allowed the freedom to become Christians, just as the friends and family of victims need to know that justice has been served.
  that those who commit heinous acts will not do so again nor should the welfare of many be impoverished by a few.
Cofell states "capital punishment should never be viewed as a deterrent". While it may not deter all, it has certainly deterred some as it has me.
And if it has failed, the fear of God has not, for if it had, I would certainly have gone after those who have done me wrong. Christianity is also about forgiveness. I look forward to meeting Karla Faye Tucker in Heaven.
Toronto, ON

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